Do students need past experience?

No. We accept all students who do or do not have experience within their chosen classes. At Unite Stage Academy UK, we are here to teach, nurture, and provide the best teachings onto our students.

Can I watch my child in their classes?

Unite Stage Academy UK allows parents whose children are trying their first classes to sit and watch. After this, we do not allow parents to watch classes. We do host a parent participation week at the end of each term for parents to see their child's progression.

Does my child have to participate in exams and shows?

Of course not. Unite Stage Academy UK offers exams and show work for our students. However, we do not make it a priority. If your child/ren do not wish to participate they are not forced to. We would like all our students to feel at home and not under pressure during their time with us.

How do we pay for classes and do discounts apply?

Our payment scheme is very simple. We charge on a monthly basis for the majority of our classes and discounts do apply for many different factors. Our Saturday stars payments do differ and you can read about this here.


Can I change class subjects if I am not happy in my class?

Of course, you can. We understand that children change their minds, and once settling into Unite Stage Academy UK some children prefer to change to another class that they feel is more suited. However, please note some classes will be at capacity. 


How many students do you have per class?

Unite Stage Academy UK is renowned for our small classes for giving children that extra attention needed. Our classes will not exceed 12 to 15 at a time. Our performance classes differ and we can take up to 30 students in these classes. This is due to classes collaborating singing, acting and dancing together for show work, and outside performances.

Do you accept students throughout the term?

Yes. whenever you are ready to look or join our classes we are happy to accommodate when is best for you.


If I wish to cancel my classes can I?

As much as we hate saying goodbye to our students, classes can be canceled. All we ask is if you can give a months notice on cancellation of your class.  We only refund our classes if our faculty need to cancel, and do not refund otherwise. Terms and conditions apply.

Is uniform compulsory and where can I purchase it, as well as do we have to pay for show costumes?

All uniform is compulsory and Unite Stage Academy UK provides a discounted uniform for all their classes.  Show costumes are cheap and you will not be charged above £15.00 on costumes depending on what it is your child will be needing. Our costings are kept very low to suit every individual need.

Do you charge for extra show and exam rehearsals?
No, we do not, extra rehearsals and examinations are free of charge and we do not charge you for these.


What hours are you open?

Unite Stage Academy UK administration is open from 9.00 am - 9.30 pm Monday to Saturday. School classes are open from Monday to Saturday. During the week Unite Stage Academy UK operates from 3.30 pm - 8.30 pm, with weekend classes from 9.30 am - 11.30 am.
You can contact Unite Stage Academy UK anytime on the information provided here.






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